Every camera has a stereoscopic mode, also called a HMD (Head-Mounted Display) mode, that allows for the apps to be used within headsets. ViewAR SDK offers three camera types: perspective, VR and AR.

Perspective Camera offers a bird’s eye view of the scene in a VR environment. Its main feature is an ability to change its pose (moving, rotating, dollying, etc.) by the user interaction with the viewport, either with touches or a mouse.

VR Camera offers a first-person view of the scene, similar to cameras of first-person shooters. It reads gyroscope input for rotation, but its movement needs to be passed programmatically. Movement can be implemented by on-screen joysticks for handheld devices, keyboard input for browser platforms, and bluetooth joysticks when using the HMD mode.

AR Camera takes input from device’s camera and gyroscope. Combined with state-of-the-art environment tracking systems, it provides an immersive AR experience. It is currently not available on the browser platform.