Initialize an app/template (plain JavaScript / Vanilla)

Initialize a new JavaScript application by opening the terminal in your project directory and entering the following command:

viewar init destinationFolder

If you want to start with one of our Templates, read more here.

Run your app for testing and developing

ViewAR System comes with a local development environment letting you program, debug and test AR applications directly in your browser. Once an app has been created and the dependencies are installed, change the working directory to PROJECT_NAME, and start the development server.

WebGL support

You can start the development server with WebGL support:

npm start

mock mode

You can also run your template in so-called mock mode. It will not load any 3D content but still enable you to simulate all calls, notifications and behaviours directly in your browser.

It comes with 2 buttons in the bottom-right corner, letting you simulate tracking found and tracking lost. Furthermore, it displays thumbnails for scene elements, letting you mimic object selections. This is the fastest way to develop and debug AR applications.

npm run start:mock

Your web browser will open http://localhost:8080/ to access the application.

Start creating your app

To edit the application's code start from src/index.js .