• What skills do I need to have to work with the AppBuilder?
    • No skills at all. That’s the whole reason of AppBuilder! :)
  • What skills do I need to have to work with the ViewAR SDK?
    • Typical Web Development skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, working with a version control system e.g. Git, basic 3D models handling and/ or editing. More information on how to use the AppBuilder may be found here.
  • Can one application be edited by multiple users?
    • No, an application has just one owner and in order to edit, one must be logged in as the owner user. However, there is no limit as far as the number of application users is concerned.More about setting users for an application.
  • Is it possible to share my own content with other users (3D models, templates,...)?
    • However, should you want to put your template or 3D to work by offering it to other users and earning money from it, please contact us and we will help you make it happen.
  • Do I need to purchase a license?
    • Any application may be tested through an SDK App, available both for iOS and Android. However, if you want to publish it, enable for commercial use or extend its functionality by editing the source code, then a license would be necessary.


  • What are Advanced Settings?
    • Advanced Settings is an advanced option which gives you access to additional properties functionalities of your models like defining a foreign key or Template creation. _It is deactivated by default and completely free of charge. You may turn it on in the _My Account section: http://developer.viewar.com/user/account.


  • How to use ViewAR SDK application?
    • The ViewAR SDK App is a mothership for all our applications - it comes with the basic structure of your app e.g. the code necessary for communication with our Core, managing tracking systems. All it needs are functionalities and UI which you have prepared prepare in the AppBuilder or with the use of our SDK. In order to run a custom app through our SDK App, provide the App-ID and version to be used. After start, type in those informations and you're ready to go!
  • Where can I find the ViewAR SDK application?
    • ViewAR SDK App is available both in App Store and Google Play Store. The same App-ID may be used with both versions, however, depending on the chosen technical solutions, limited functionalities may be available.
  • Can I publish my Application to Google Play Store or Apple App Store?
    • Yes, however, in order to do so, purchasing a license would be necessary.
  • How can I change the App-ID of my application?
    • Unfortunately, it is not possible. You may, however, create a new one with a new App-ID. Keep in mind that every App-ID needs to be unique.


  • How do I add a model to the application?
    • In order to add a model to the application, you must upload it through the Model Manager.
  • My model is not visible in the application. Why?
    • For your model to be visible in the application, 5 following conditions must be met:
      • The model must be in the Model Manager on your account.
      • Model must be assigned to category.
      • The model must be set to Active.
      • The category must be set to Active.
      • The category must be activated for the application.
  • How do I disable a model in an application, but still keep it on the account?
    • You may use your Model Manager to store numerous model, using them in various applications.
  • May one model be accessed by multiple applications?

    • Yes. A model is not assigned to particular App-ID. Instead, it is recognised by the application by its ID and/or foreign key and therefore may be easily reused.
  • How do I set alternative material options for my model?

    • Access the model list through the Model Manager and click on the Edit icon of the target model. Now, you may drag a drop multiple material options to one geometry name.
  • What 3D file formats are supported using model upload?
    • The ViewAR System supports mesh format that transfer UV layouts. You may use .fbx and .obj files.
  • In the Material Editor my model is displayed as white. What do I do?
    • If your model is displayed as white, it means that there are not material options assign. It is nothing wrong! Just choose some of existing materials or create your own and assign them to particular surfaces of your model.