Wall Art

User manual

Wall Art is a product visualisation app dedicated to 2D objects with of vertical orientation. Following this tutorial you'll learn how to use the demo version and, optionally, create your own from the ViewAR Template.

What you'll need

What you'll learn to do:

  • Position a painting/photography on a wall in Augmented Reality.
  • Take and share a screenshot through social media/email.
  • Save/load a project.

Let's get started!


For iOS (iPhone): Download the ViewAR SDK App from the App Store. For Android: Download the ViewAR SDK App from the Google Play Store.

Using the app:

Start the ViewAR SDK App. You can either use our sample demo (App ID: wall.art.demo, version: 100) or your own app created from the Template.

When your Wall Art App launches, choose the Live Mode. When you see the camera picture, configure the tracking following the instructions on the screen.

Wall Art - Manual - Screenshots - 1

Walk around your room and find a wall to place your picture on. Click on the plus sign to enter the library and pick the desired graphics.

Wall Art - Manual - Screenshots - 2

Now you need to define the wall surface -it can be done by placing two points in the 3D space. Place the red markers at the floor height and confirm. When the surface gets defined, you will be able to set the exact placement of your picture.

Wall Art - Manual - Screenshots - 2

Done! Walk around to see your design from all sides and angles. You can still move it around, if you fell like it!

Clicking on the three dots button will open an additional menu. Explore different options like taking a screenshot and sharing it, entering the shopping cart to see a summary of objects in the scene or saving the project.

Your projects may be retrieved from the library at any time. Simply go back to the Home Screen and enter the Projects menu.

Wall Art - Manual - Screenshots - 2

Final remarks:

After creating your own version of the app, you would be able to upload your own graphics and define their sizes. Make sure to give it a try!