Use a ViewAR Application Template

Create and run your first app using an existing template.

Necessary skills

None at all!

Create an account

Go to, register and log in.

This way you will be able to use our sample apps, download sample files, upload and modify your own 3d models.

Log in and create an app

From the Main Menu at the top of the page choose Apps/My Apps, click on Create new App and follow steps below.


Fill in following fields:

  • App IDentifier - set your application ID. Choose something easily recognisable, preferably following this naming syntax: yourcompany.appnameorprojectname

  • Note (optional) - input a short description of the application functionality or purpose.

  • Version - use version 1.0 for your first version of the app.


This section displays a collection of available templates. Choose one which best fits your requirements and scenario. Click on the template to see further details about it.
Important: Once you have saved your template selection you can't change it. In that case, just create a new app.

Style App

This step lets you style your application. First, choose your device format from the dropdown menu above the preview. CSS of all UI elements may be customized by clicking on them and changing the CSS of the related classes in the editor on the right side. After finishing all the changes, don't forget to save them before moving to the next step.

If you hold shift and click, you can use buttons to navigate inside the app.


The template app may be created with a set of sample 3D models. It will be added to your content library and accessible through the application functionality. You will be able to edit or remove that model through the content library at any time. Adding it is highly recommended if you want to test the app functionality, therefore choose the "Add Sample Content" option.

To learn more about 3D model upload and editing, visit the 3D Content Section.


This section lets you configure your tracking. For trackings that work markerless, there is nothing to prepare here. Some trackings like marker tracking, 3d object tracking, indoor navigation tracking need configuration.
Follow the instructions displayed and after you are done, just hit "(6) Test App".

Test App

Your app is now ready for testing!

There are two options, you may run it on a mobile device or in a web browser.

Test on a mobile device

Testing your app on a mobile device is very simple. If you are using your mobile device to create the app, download ViewAR SDK app from (Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store). After installation open the app and enter the App IDentifier you defined in the (1)Settingssection (it may be verified in the top left corner of all steps in the app configuration wizard).

Test in web browser

Click on the Test web version button. A new window will pop up and load your app in the browser.
IMPORTANT: Browser versions don't support AR features. We will add this feature as soon as the browsers support it.