The ViewAR System allows you to build AR and VR apps based on HTML templates. Either choose one of our existing templates or you build your own. We built a rendering system, integrated almost all available tracking solutions and overlapped these with HTML for UI and application logics.

Using the ViewAR System, you can create apps much faster than with any other and with less knowledge of AR/VR technology required.

Choose a template and style with CSS

Using the ViewAR System, you may choose a template from our selection and style it, using all the features and flexibility of CSS. Our web-based CSS editor lets you style your app, save it in the cloud and instantly test on an device.

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You can also request a custom template from us: Request Template

Create your own template

The ViewAR System also lets you create your own custom template using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Use the power of JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular or just plain vanilla JavaScript. We offer a JavaScript API which represents the scene, letting you access all you need and communicate with the C++ core automatically. Just deploy the template to our server and activate it for an app.
You can then easily use the template for multiple apps and change its layout by CSS adaptations.
After creating a custom template, you can also submit it to our marketplace, letting you create a continuing revenue for your work.

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You can also request a custom template from us: Request Custom Template

Web-based 3D Upload & Material Editor

Simply upload your 3D models via our developer portal and define materials using the Material Editor. You can upload textures, create or edit materials, even assign multiple material options to 3D models.
This process is extremely convenient and ensures that you configure materials accordingly to the rendering system for all platforms.

You can also request 3D models from: Request 3D Model

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