At ViewAR, we believe that Augmented Reality is a tool of the future. Currently, it is only available to a group of specialists. It is our mission to let web developers create applications by focusing on UI and content.

Within almost 10 years of development, we have created an AR framework which we are now opening to the world. It is a platform-independent solution offering a range of HTML-based Template Application that may be used out-of-the-box or customized using JavaScript-based API. Use you favourite JS libraries (think - React, Angular, Vue.js) to give your workflow an efficiency boost and switch seamlessly between available tracking systems with a minimal effort.

Our Apps

Want to have an idea of the System capabilities? Check our resources: > Showcases - chosen custom applications prepared for our Clients > ViewAR Templates - Download the ViewAR SDK App and try our templates > ViewAR Features

Want to know more? Check the following links to get you started: > Understand the Technology Stack > Play around with the ViewAR API Sandbox