Creating Apps

ViewAR is the leading Augmented Reality system, supporting numerous available tracking systems (think - ARKit, ARCore, Wikitude...). It's platform-independent and allows for easy and robust creation of efficient mobile and web applications. The modular structure integrates numerous hard- and software field-specific components available on the market.

We currently offer different two approaches to create your app:

ViewAR AppBuilder

The Template Approach

Create your Augmented Reality applications easily and effortlessly. Choose a template, style it with the use of our intuitive Configurator, fill in with 3D content and it’s ready to use!

  • Quick and beginners-friendly.
  • No prior programming knowledge required!
  • Ready-to-use templates.

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Design using JavaScript

Need more freedom? Using the ViewAR Augmented Reality SDK, you can create your own custom functionalities, user flows, UIs and templates. This approach requires programming skills, since you will create your own application logics. Use our CLI and get access to the source code of our templates.

  • Advanced users.
  • Efficient, JavaScript-based API.
  • Extend the ready-to-use templates or develop your own ones.

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