Cameras control how the current scene is viewed. In ViewAR System, there are three types of Cameras, all held in and controlled by the Camera Object:

Perspective Camera

Offers a bird’s eye view of the scene in a VR environment. Its main feature is an ability to change its pose (moving, rotating, dollying, etc.) by the user interaction with the viewport, either with touches or a mouse. A grid view is used.

Virtual Reality Camera

Offers a first-person view of the scene. It reads gyroscope input for rotation, but its movement needs to be passed programmatically. Movement can be implemented by on-screen joysticks for handheld devices, keyboard input for browser platforms, and bluetooth joysticks when using the HMD mode.

Augmented Reality Camera

Takes input from device’s camera and gyroscope. Combined with state-of-the-art environment tracking systems, it provides an immersive AR experience. It is currently not available on the browser platform.


Every Camera has a Stereoscopic Mode, also called a HMD (Head-Mounted Display) Mode, that allows for the apps to be used within headsets.

API Quickstart - Cameras