Request a 3D model from ViewAR

ViewAR has a network of cost-efficient 3D designers, experienced with the ViewAR System. We can offer reasonable rates for creating 3D models for your application with a guarantee of effects.

You can request 3d models at "My Content" -> "Content Requests" (

Requirements for 3D Content Creation:

These requirements are a guideline on what 3D artists need to get the most out of the created models while keeping the production time to a minimum. In general, every information on a product, reference pictures or 3D models help and the more there is, the less back and forth is needed, resulting in faster and cheaper results at a higher quality.

General Info:

Any document or link to the product will help the modelers to get an overview of the model.


The model is representing the body from the Object. For a good modeling process we need following:

  • Construction plan/CAD Model
  • Blueprints
  • Every plan should have top, front and side plan.

If there are no plans available then it is also possible to make photos or sketches. For both we would need:

  • Front and Back, side and top view including measurements (at least width/height/depth, everything more is a big plus, like seat height, thickness of frame, measurments of pillows.)
  • Non-orthographic pictures of the object or 360° View if available.
  • Closeups of details that are important for the object, like mechanics.

Product pictures like this are not ideal:

Resolution should be a minimum of 8MegaPixels/3264x2448

Resolution to low

In general the more reference pictures the better, but the minimum should be from front, side, back and top, best would be orthographic:


Every Model that can do some tricky stuff.

  • Video including the mechanic
  • Photo series
  • Every possible mechanic


Textures representing the skin of a model and the requirements are:

  • Resolution 8 MegaPixel / 3264x2448
  • Minimum Texture size 1024x1024 depending on
    • characteristic not repeating texture
      • Texture should be huge and from a further back view

  • Small details
    • Should be separate

  • Regular continuing geometrical pattern
    • Texture has to be 1024x1024 or more

If no textures are available the 3D artist will look for similar patterns, adjust colours or have to completely refactor the texture.

Summing up: The more info / input => less effort => less time => lower costs

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