Wall Art

Wall Art is a product visualisation app dedicated to 2D objects with of vertical orientation. We'll show you how to use it and, optionally, create your own from the ViewAR Template.

Create your own app using the ViewAR Template


In an IDE of your choice (for example WebStorm) navigate to a suitable directory and make sure that you have the following installed:

  • Node.js (version 6.0.0 or higher)
  • npm package manager (version 3 or higher)

Install the ViewAR CLI

The easiest way to setup a new ViewAR application is to use the ViewAR CLI. In the terminal run:

npm install -g viewar-cli.

Create your first Project

Next we can initialise a project in a dedicated directory:

viewar init PROJECTNAME

Initialise a template project

  • Select the user account for this app: navigate to your account.
  • Select a project type: Choose the Sample Template to access the Template List.
  • Choose a sample template:
  • Enter the app ID: Define the App ID you will be using to access your application through the SDK App. We suggest using a syntax of company.project.
  • Enter the app version: Unless you have a really good reason, stick to 1.0 as default.
  • Select tracker(s): Choose the ARKit (for iOS) and/or ARCore (for Android).

Run application in the browser

You have 2 modes to choose from:

  • mock mode (no 3D content, mock buttons for AR tracking simulation):
    npm run start:mock
  • full browser mode (download 3D content, no mock buttons for AR tracking simulation):
    npm run start

UI Config

Following settings are available in the ui config:

  googleAnalyticsKey: false,      // Google analytics api key for logging
  googleMapsKey: false,           // Google maps api key
  auth: false,                    // Show/hide button in home view to authenticate
  originModel: false,             // Model to be inserted at origin (0/0/0)
  infoText: '',                   // Text displayed in info view as html
  live: true,                     // Enable/disable AR view
  roomPlanner: true,              // Enable/disable room planner
  shoppingCart: true,             // Enable/disable shopping cart
  share: true,                    // Enable/disable sharing
  projects: true,                 // Enable/disable project saving/loading
  showPropertyList: false,        // Show properties as list instead of a slider
  showCategoryImages: false,      // Show category images instead of a list
  checkoutUrl: false,             // URL for report generation
  introVideo: false,              // URL to video played in home view background,
  shopFinder: false,              // Displays shop finder button in home view. Either a string or { url, type }. Possible types: 'external', 'json' or 'iframe'.
  cloudProjects: false,           // Enable/disable saving to/loading from cloud storage.
  hideRoomWalls: false,           // Insert new walls hidden per default.
  noCollision: false,             // Disable collision with room.
  roomExport: false,              // Enable room export as obj.
  oldDeviceWarning: true,         // Enable warning if device runs with wikitude tracking only.
  advancedAuthentication: false,  // Use advanced authentication with logins from http://dev2.viewar.com/auth/list.


Documentation: https://viewar.gitbooks.io/sdk-documentation/content/ Tutorials: https://developer.viewar.com/site/tutorials