Content upload

The ViewAR System provides a web interface for model upload and management.

Register / Login

Create a free account and login on:

Create / Edit Category

Go to the Content tab, select Categories and create a new Category.

Click on + Create new category:

Fill in following data:

Name: Input your Category name here

Thumbnail: Upload your Category Thumbnail here (.jpg or .png)

Parent Category: Select a parent category if you want to create a sub-category

Active: If you want the category to be visible in your app, check.


3D Models:

To go to the model section, go to "Content" and then click on "3D Models"

Uploading a model:

To upload a new Model, Click on Upload new model:

Name: Choose a name: “Brand - Item Name”

Description: Enter a description for your model.

Foreign Key: Enter the item ID, used by the other systems. The newest model with this Item ID can be referenced in a scene within the account.

Units: Select the unit size of your model. The default is "cm", also possible are "mm", "m", "inch", "feet".

Auth: Enter authentication passwords if needed and if models are supposed to be invisible without login. Authentication can be for example “Review”.

Up-Axis: Choose the up axis of your 3D model, either Y or Z. Default is Y.

Type: Choose Type (Model/Environment). Use model for items and Environment for rooms/apartments/walls or other objects you should not move/select. Models will collide with Environment models.

Scalable: Define if the model should be scalable in-app. Usually you don't want to allow this.

Orientation: Choose Orientation (Horizontal/Vertical). Floor objects should be "Horizontal", "Vertical" is used for objects that should be moved vertically (wall objects).

Category: Select the category for the model. Models in "No category" won't show up in-app and can only by added to the scene by ID. To create a new category, see above.

Model Bundle: Select your Model Bundle (Archive with .fbx, textures and thumbnail.jpg).

Lighting: For models with baked lighting select "Baked Lighting". "Scene lights" will use the engine lights and the standard settings from the phong shader.

Thumbnail: You can also upload a thumbnail here or update the old one. However it’s better to include it within the model bundle zip.

Active: Default on. Non-active objects won’t be visible in the app.

Accept Terms and Conditions: Required for upload

Save/Upload: Once the Upload is complete, you will end up in the Material Editor, for more information about the material editor, go to ViewAR Material Editor

Models List:

Actions that are possible can be found in the Actions Column: Web 3D View, Material Editor, Edit Model, Delete Model (left to right)

Previewing Model: Click on the icon and the Singleproductwebviewer will open in a new tab. When in the Preview Mode:

  • Rotate: Left Mouse
  • Pan: Right Mouse
  • Zoom: Scroll Mouse Wheel

Material Editor: for more information about the material editor, go to ViewAR Material Editor

Edit Model: Same as upload plus Data json editor. Only edit the Data json if you know what you are doing.

Delete Model: Removes the model from the list.

> Upload Assistants > Material Editor > Model Info