Wouldn't be so much more fun, if the drone was flying in its look direction? Let's make it happen!

For that we need need to slightly edit the handleRightJoystickInput function. Start right before the pose of the model instance gets updated.

const handleLeftJoystickInput = ({ x, y }) => {
  const pose = instance.pose;

// put your code right here!

Get the forward vector

First, we need to analyze the model instance to get its normal forward vector (Vector3.FORWARD).

const position = new Vector3(instance.pose.position);
Adjust the move direction

Now, we need to and apply the instance's orientation vector to it and adjust it to the speed of the move.

const forward = Vector3.FORWARD;
// alternatively: const forward = Vector3.FORWARD.rotate(newOrientation);
forward.scale(y * 20);  // You may also use a different value
Update the position

Don't forget to apply your changes.

pose.position = position.add(forward);

Test it!

At this point, you should be able to manipulate the drone instance's position with the use of the joysticks.

Screenshot from the Drone Control App

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