Tracking Systems try to estimate the world pose (position and orientation) of a mobile device (e.g. phone, tablet, head mounted display) in real-time. ViewAR System integrates numerous technological solutions and offers them through a coherent JavaScript API, so that you wouldn't have to worry about details of a particular technology integration. Furthermore, if a more robust Tracking System appears on the market, you can switch to it with a minimal effort.

Activating, Deactivating & Resetting tracking

A chosen Tracking System may be managed as follows:

await viewarApi.trackers.ARKit.activate(); // Enable tracking.
await viewarApi.trackers.ARKit.reset(); // Reset tracking.
await viewarApi.trackers.ARKit.deactivate(); // Disable tracking.

There can only be one tracking active at a time. If one tracker gets enabled, the previous active tracker gets deactivated automatically.

Trackers list

The used trackers list may be accessed as follows:

let trackers = Object.values(viewarApi.trackers);

Some trackers need to be initialized and detect the ground plane before they can start working. In such a case, you can listen to the trackingTargetStatusChanged event for a tracker. After the ground is detected, its position needs to be confirmed (either automatically or with using a user's input). It applies for ARKit, ARCore, Placenote, Wikitude (manual), (manual), 6D (manual).

let tracker = Object.values(viewarApi.trackers)[0];

const onTrackingTargetStatusChanged = async function() {
// Check if tracker is tracking and confirm ground.
if (tracker.tracking) {'trackingTargetStatusChanged', onTrackingTargetStatusChanged); // Ground plane needs to be confirmed only once.
    await tracker.confirmGround(); // Automatically confirm ground when ground plane is found.

// Listen for tracking changed status.
tracker.on('trackingTargetStatusChanged', onTrackingTargetStatusChanged);

After deactivating or resetting a tracker, it needs to be calibrated again. This means that the detected and/or confirmed ground plane gets lost.

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