Create your own GuideBOT app using the ViewAR App Builder

The ViewAR™ AppBuilder is the easiest way to build your augmented reality apps. It allows developers to build augmented reality and virtual reality apps based on HTML templates. It is a modular structure, utilising our almost 10-years-long development experience and lessons learned from over 50 projects. Ready-to-use templates allow for the user focus to be shifted to styling and content. The System is suitable for professional programmers as well as for beginners.

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Device requirements
  • An iOS, ARKit compatible device - more about compatibility in our Documentation.
  • Up-to-date version of the ViewAR SDK App (available from the App Store (iOS)).
  • For the QR version: a printed copy of a set of our demo QR codes
  • Required skills: -
  • Helpful skills: HTML & CSS basics

Create an account

Create a free user account on the ViewAR Developer portal:

Choose a template

Browse through a list of available templates to find the GuideBOT QR / GuideBOT Placenote.

Add app information

Choose a unique app ID that will be used to access your application. It is a good idea to use a syntax like: company.project or project.topic.

Style your app

Customise your application with a user-friendly Configurator view. It is an easy and intuitive way to change colours of backgrounds, buttons and text. If you are familiar with CSS, check out the second tab. Properties of each element may be accessed Left-Click while holding Shift.

Test the app

That's it! You may now test your App! Download the ViewAR SDK Application from the App Store and type in the App ID defined in the Information tab.

More information may be found in the User Manuals: